WARNING: This porduct contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How to start your vape business by OEM/ODM with a e-cig manufacturer?

How to start the OEM corporation with electronic cigarette manufacturer?

OEM, Original Equipment vape Manufacturing. If you want to print your brand name on Xinchong Tech. products, we call it OEM.

All products Xinchong Tech. manufacturing is original. If you want to OEM vape product, it is easy, just follow the processing below:

1. Choose an existing vape products of Xinchong Tech.

2. Tell us your brand name you want to print on your products.

3. Xinchong Tech. make product renderings for verification

4. Approval of the design by you.

5. Make an order of vape product by MOQ 1000pcs of one flavor and one color.

6. Vape production and delivery processing.

How to start the ODM corporation with electronic cigarette manufacturer?

ODM, Original Design vape Manufacturing. If you want to design a new vape product which is not exist in the Xinchong Tech. product library. We call it ODM.

The processing of vape ODM would be more complex, but in this way, you can get your unique vape products in the e-cig market. Here is the processing:

1. Tell us your idea of the new vape product design.

2. Engineers and designers will do product feasibility demonstration, and we will discuss a solution to meet your demand.

3. Product design approved by you.

4. Structure confirmation.

5. Cost confirmation.

6. The MOQ of ODM vape products between 10 thousand pcs to 50 thousand pcs, depends on the design.

7. Make the order contract, pay for it. To confirm your ownership of the product.

8. Vape production and delivery processing.

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